About Us

Commitment To Quality

Discover the story behind "La Brasserie San-Ô" (formerly known as Koji Soupe & Labo), a culinary adventure ignited during the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic by Noriko and Yota Suzuki. 
The journey began in the heart of Parc-Extension, where the kitchen of a local Indian restaurant served as our creative haven, with special thanks to Masum Rahman at Buffet Maharani. Yota Suzuki's apprenticeship under a sake master in Japan, involving immersive years in a brewery, laid the foundation for our culinary vision.
In 2022, we transformed into "La Brasserie San-Ô," drawing inspiration from the Japanese characters "山" (San) and "王" (Ô), symbolizing Mount Royal.

Our logo beautifully fuses the mountain's spirit with the organic essence of our products. 

Rooted in Montreal, we craft koji with love.
At "La Brasserie San-Ô," we proudly stand as Quebec's trailblazers, crafting koji rice and its exquisite derivatives. 

While chefs may possess the skill to create Koji themselves, we recognize the relentless demands on their time and the limitations of kitchen space. 
Picture chefs carefully selecting fresh, local vegetables for their masterpieces. 
It's in this culinary realm that we shine, providing high-quality, restaurant-grade koji right here in Canada. Join us on an enticing journey, and immerse yourself in the very essence of "La Brasserie San-Ô." 

We're not just a supplier; we're your partners, your allies in the world of culinary innovation. Chefs, we understand your creative constraints, and we're here to amplify your culinary magic, offering top-notch koji that harmonizes perfectly with your fresh, local ingredients. Welcome to a new era of culinary exploration and excellence.